Family Whispers of Love

Jacklyn Marie Milton

Cherished Memories are as a child watching and admiring different qualities of elders that are a part of your life.


One receives many things from family, but the most crucial to one’s development is simple: love. Family Whispers of Love is a cookbook written Family_Whispers_of_Lovelike a memoir that touches on the power of family and the healing power that food may have on one’s life. Jacklyn Marie Milton takes the reader on a journey through her life by sharing about her role models and what qualities she learned from them to become the person who she is today.

Over the years, food has been the key way she has learned to connect with her family. She gives the reader the proper dishes that are sure to bring families and close friends together. This is the foundation of faith, family and fellowship. During this time of togetherness stories are told, eating takes place and memories are formed. This book also includes stories, songs, inspirational quotes, scriptures and recipes that inspire love.


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Over the past couple of years, I have been the recipient of many Random Acts of Kindness in the form of a variety of fabulously baked goods. In my opinion, these baked goods have been some of the best that I’ve ever had. From the flavorful Banana Nut Bread to my favorite of all… “That Cake.” I can taste it right now!

James Walker, Educator

Each time I eat a meal prepared by Ms. Milton it compares to a symphony at its climax with varied elements of just the right amount of diverse ingredients mixed with precision, flair, and love. How grateful we are to have the secrets of these culinary experiences passed down from generations, and revealed for our present and future.

Maya Beecham, Poet, Writer, Author

Since my mother passed away 9 years ago, Sister Jackie has been a blessing in so many ways. One of them being her Wonderful Cooking!  A lot reminded me of my Mom. She’s very creative and truly loves to cook for others with all the proper utensils to prepare a fantastic meal. She makes everything from scratch. The feeling of food prepared with Love makes for a wonderful time in fellowship and laughter.  Sister Jackie is a wonderful cook!

Natalie Morrow, Founder/CEO Twin Cities Black Film Festival


My grandma is a truly remarkable woman and I hope you’ve realized that now by this time in the book. The way she has taken care of not only me, but my sisters, cousins, and just about every kid in the neighborhood and nurtured us with her love and her delicious, nutritious food has done wonders to each of our lives. I thank my grandma Jackie for making me into the person I am today and I believe she’s one of the greatest human beings to walk this green earth. One of her many blessings she has gave to the world has been through her food and I personally thank you Grandma. Her food is special and I hope whoever comes in contact with this cookbook can emulate her food in some way.

Cory Kemp, Eldest Grandson

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Jacklyn_Marie_MiltonJACKLYN MILTON is a wife, mother, grandmother, family life educator and caterer. Cooking is a labor of love. Her love for cooking is a gift that stems from watching her foremothers in the kitchen creating family meals which nourished the mind, body, and soul. Today, she follows this rich legacy by cooking and baking for her family and friends. Her dinner table is a place of refuge, renewed hope, an abundance of grace, and joyous laughter for every occasion.


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